Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Caspian Gull finally!

Caspian Gull has been top of my wants list for ages. I see it as a representation of all that is good about current UK birding - a product of pushing things forward a bit, indulging in looking closely at birds and a real birder's bird. Definitely one of my fave species.

After countless lookalikes, wannabees, definitely maybes, wholly unconfirmed reports and (.....er think you get the point), I finally found the real thing - a crisp 1st-winter on Saturday gone. As a devoted Flamborough local patcher would say I 'twitched the find' - it was a designed down the last detail, taking a trip to Grafham Water (Cambs) to do it.

No photos of the find, but here's the 3rd-winter at Potteric Carr which I called in for on the way back for a plumage tick (plus a Yellow-legged Gull).

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