Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ringing Conference, Malton, North Yorks, 21st Feb 2009

Only had time to stay for the 4 morning talks, which covered various topics. First up was Ray Knock on ringing at Prine Edward Point in Canada - an easy-going talk and therefore the perfect introduction. Ray presented numerous photos of American passerines in the hand which certainly whetted my appetite for visiting the point. Next was Chris Redfearn on the benefits of recording brood patches. Chris looked at differences in brood patches between species at different stages during the breeding season, and then used these differences to make various calculations. I was interested in the possibility that differences in brood patches might be of use in the identification of similar species, such as acrocephalus warblers.

Following the break, Robin Ward provided an insight into trapping techniques of wildfowl and highlighted the lengths ringers will go to to trap such birds. I was mainly interested in techiques in ageing wildfowl, and Robin challenged published literature and introduced several new criteria. The last talk of the morning, and certainly the most humorous, was the history of Spurn by Ian Glaves.

An excellent morning made even better by bumping into some old faces.

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